How to use Magic Camera to play video files & add webcam effects on ChatRoulette

Many users use Magic Camera fake webcam on ChatRoulette. Below screenshots show some funny webcam effects videos made by MagicCamera users. 

video effects on chatroulette, made by MagicCamera       fake video girl on chatroulette made by MagicCamera              chatroulette fun picture made by MagicCamera

Because ChatRoulette also uses Flash to connect user's webcam, it WAS very simple to use MagicCamera on ChatRoulette. Just right click on the Flash video and select Magic Camera in the webcam drop list will do.

However, since more and more people use fake videos, ChatRoulette finally decided to ban all the fake/virtual webcam software on its new version. So now if you directly use any fake webcam on new ChatRoulette, it will prompt "You are using a prohibit webcam" and refuse to work. See below picture:

Chatroulette bans fake webcam


To work around this blocking, from version 7.1, Magic Camera has developed a new feature called 'stealth mode virtual webcam', it is an enhancement on the original 'multiple virtual webcam' feature of Magic Camera. So, now you can generate unlimited number of fake webcams with any name you like on Windows. This is one of the unique features of Magic Camera.

With this 'stealth mode' feature, now Magic Camera can pretend its name to cheat ChatRoulette, just follow the steps below:

1) Make sure your are using the latest version of Magic Camera, click below link to download the webcam effects software:

2) Run Magic Camera; Go to Magic Camera Menu-> tools -> manage virtual webcam device dialog;

3) Important: Click the Stealth Mode checkbox; (See Step1 on the screenshot below)

4) Click 'Add User Mode virtual webcam' button to generate a new fake webcam on your Windows. (See Step2 on the screenshot below) The default 'stealth mode' webcam name is 'my webcam' (other than the normal name 'MagicCamera Capture(User Mode)'). Of course, you can change it to Logitech, Microsoft, Creative, or any brand/name you like with the edit box.

Magic Camera virtual webcam device management

5) Click OK to close the dialog. Done!

6) Now, open ChatRoulette again and use MagicCamera under the name 'my webcam'. There is no warning message this time!

configure MagicCamera's virtual webcam on chatroulette

7) Drag a video file to Magic Camera's file source panel. You will find ChatRoulette automatically reads this video as your webcam. See Screenshot:

use maigc camera on ChatRoulette


8) Of course, you can apply any webcam effects as well. The following picture shows a 'super nova' video effect of Magic Camera.

MagicCamera 'super nova' webcam effects on chatroulette     

Now, you can enjoy Magic Camera on the new ChatRoulette again!


Still do not know how to configure Magic Camera on ChatRoulette? Watch the tutorial video below!



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