Magic Camera Screenshots

Magic Camera main window
magic camera main window - apply webcam effects

Apply face tracking webcam effects on Skype.
Magic Camera face tracking effects on Skype

Play files as virtual webcam on Omegle chat;
use Magic Camera on omegle chat

Add photo frames.
add webcam photo frames by MagicCamera

Split your real webcam into multiple virtual webcams, and then use them in Camfrog and MSN Messenger simultaneously!

camfrog chat window                 msn messenger chat window

Add Flash animations and record webcam video.
add animations/flashs on webcam, with MagicCamera soft

Capture screen as the virtual webcam's content. With this feature, you can capture online videos, add video effects in real-time, and then broadcast them again.
Capture Screen and add effects by MagicCamera

Add animations with face tracking & broadcast this virtual webcam on (See tutorial)
Magic Camera face tracking effect

Play video files and use Picture in Picture feature. (You can use these effects in chat software.)
webcam picture in picture enabled by MagicCamera

Overlay texts. You can use this effects to add subtitles.
overlay texts on video with MagicCamera

Real-time replace your webcam backgrounds in virtual webcam.
change webcam backgrounds by MagicCamera

Some visual effects supported by Magic Camera.
some video effects supported by Magic Camera

Manage virtual webcam devices.
manage magic camera virtual webcam device driver

Use Magic Camera to create webcam effects on Skype.
Magic Camera configurations on Skype

Real-time 'forward' webcam videos on Windows Live Messenger.
forward webcam video by Magic Camera

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