Recommended video settings for Magic Camera


K-Lite Codec Pack
Magic Camera may need some video/audio decoders for correctly playing video files.

K-Lite Codec Pack Mega Version is recommended. If you use 64bits Windows, also install K-Lite 64-bit package.

Real Alternative    QuickTime Alternative
If you want to play RMVB or QuickTime video formats, the Real/QuickTime Alternative is also required besides K-Lite Codec Pack.

wmv videos
For wmv video formats, you need to install the latest version of Windows Media Player (You can download it from Microsoft website).


You need to restart Magic Camera after installing the above video codec.



After installing K-Lite Codec Pack, if you still have problems on playing videos in Magic Camera, you may try:

1) Click 'Startup Menu->K-Lite Codec Pack->configuration->ffdshow video decoder'.
2) Switch to Output page, check if RGB32 is selected.

 ffshow configure for magic camera

3) Switch to DirectShow control page; drag the 'merit' bar to 'very high'. ffshow configure for magic camera 2

NOTE for Windows 7 Users: Disable Microsoft dtv-dvd decoder

Windows 7 forces applications to use Microsoft's own dtv-dvd video decoder, which has many compatible issues. So if you cannot play some videos inside Magic Camera on Windows 7, you may try:

1) Go to 'Menu->K-Lite Codec Pack->Tools', and then launch Win7DSFilterTweaker;
2) Choose "FFDShow" when available, and disable all Microsoft choices.

disable ms dtv-dvd decoder on win7

You can also google 'disable Microsoft dtv-dvd decoder' to find more reference.

How to play Flash/Flv files on Magic Camera

Configure the necessary Flv decoders, and then Magic Camera will play Flv files without problem. To know how to configure Flv decoders, see this article.

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