Tutorial - Use Magic Camera to take funny pictures with your webcam

Ever wondering how people take the funny pictures?

picture effects made by magic camera

Yes, with our Magic Camera software, you can turn your webcam into a photo booth.

Just click download now to download Magic Camera and install it. (With a few minutes installation, you can launch Magic Camera from your desktop later at anytime.)

After installation, plug-in your webcam to the computer and open Magic Camera. Magic Camera will automatically recognize your webcams (DVs, TV capture cards, IP Cams, digital cameras are also supported) and list them to you. Select the webcam you want to use and you are ready to take pictures with fun effects.

You may follow the below steps:

1) Run Magic Camera and select your webcam. Using existed photo files is also supported.

2) Browse Magic Camera effects panel, depending on different versions of Magic Camera, there are about 500-1000 effects on it. You can also freely combine them. So it should be enough to you to find a cool effect.

3) Click the effect you like, you can see the video results in real-time. Also, many effects are shipped with several parameters, which can be used to fine tweak the results. (See the red line section on the screenshot.) When you finish, just click the 'snap' button to save the webcam snapshots. 

4) Then you can share the pictures on websites. (e.g., many users use them in e-cards or set them as avatars for their online profile.) 

effect tweak panel of Magic Camera

Magic Camera supports numerous kinds of photo/video effects. You can take pictures with your webcam and play all the below effects lively:

  • photo frames;
  • masks/face tracking;
  • video distort/morph;
  • funny scenes;
  • visual filters;
  • animations overlay;
  • flash overlay;
  • paintings;
  • webcam video backgrounds changing;
  • more...

You will definitely enjoy it.

download now


A glance at part of the picture/video effects Magic Camera supports:

photo effects that Magic Camera supported 

Why is Magic Camera Software better? 

Compare to those online webcam effects websites that let you take pictures with you webcam, our Magic Camera has the following advantages:

  • More effects available. And many with parameters for tuning.
  • Applying effects much faster than those online webcam sites.
  • You can use it at any time, no Internet connection required. No Ads.
  • Save your snapshot locally, no need to worry about the online privacy.
  • Has the ability to take existing pictures as input and apply effects on them. On the contrary, online webcam effects sites can only take pictures from webcam.
  • Besides Webcam, Magic Camera can also read TV/Capture Card, DV, digital camera, IP camera, etc.
  • Besides taking pictures, you can also record videos with effects.
  • You can make your own new effects with Magic Camera by importing external gifs, flash or videos.
  • You can broadcast webcam video/photo lively to chat software or websites.


Download Magic Camera and try it now!



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