Magic Camera version history (updated to version 8.5)


History Updates:

Magic Camera Version 8.5 [12-14-2012]
Default to use kernel mode virtual webcam driver; Automatically detect and fix drivers; Improved compatibility with Skype Version 6; Fixed several bugs.

Magic Camera Version 8.0 [08-20-2012]
Major upgrade.

Added full support for Windows 8; improved webcam recording; enhanced file source dialog; enhanced text effects; reading webcam drivers and integrating their internal configuration options; made Magic Camera launching more quickly; full screen supported; no watermark if no effects are applied; added options to let user choose how to launch MagicCamera in webcam applications; automatically saving effects when tweaking them on the preview window; keeping the same effects during loop playback; saving and loading the last effects; keeping aspect ratio of the webcam video; added 'run with Windows startup' option; fixed losing focus bug during switching video files; added a pin button on main UI; added new language packs; improved UI and user interactions; improved software usability; fixed bugs.

Magic Camera Version 7.2.1 [12-21-2011]
Fixed bugs; many minor improvements.

Magic Camera Version 7.2.0 [5-23-2011]
Added support for reading videos as effects; added a new language pack; making audio output device customizable; setting 640*480 as default resolution; fixed bugs in the kernel driver; fixed bugs in recording.

Magic Camera Version 7.1.0 [10-1-2010]
Stealth mode of fake webcam; new ChatRoulette supported; customizing output resolution supported; Camfrog resolution supported; fixed bugs.

Magic Camera Version 7.0.2 [09-25-2010]
Fixed bugs;

Magic Camera Version 7.0.1 [09-15-2010]
Reduced the size of the installation package; fixed a bug;

Magic Camera Version 7.0.0 [09-11-2010]
Major upgrade, many improvements.

New GUI; new scaling method; option to start with minimized; kernel 64 bit virtual webcam supported; improved flash effects overlay and the transparent effects; added mirror video button; redesigned webcam transform & filter effects; added new effects pages(emotion effects &scene effects); added management panel for current applied effects; large preview window by default; new mixing methods; fixed many bugs.

Magic Camera Version 6.8.0 [05-24-2010]
Improved text effects; improved face tracking effects; fixed bugs.

Magic Camera Version 6.6.0 [05-05-2010]
Improved file/photo streaming; added saving playlist button; drag & drop enabled; displayed file time while playing; improved text effects; improved compatibility with some webcams chatting software; selected resolution was remembered; added support for AIM; also fixed some bugs.

Magic Camera Version 6.4.0 [10-08-2009]
Added many new effects; added new plugin effect page; also included some bugs fix and improvements.

Magic Camera Version 6.3.0 [07-31-2009]
Added support on preview with large resolution; made UI resizable; removed Vista UAC warning dialog; added special effect page; double click on video to remove the effects; made effects can be moved out of the video; fixed recording speed bug; added support for adjusting fps while playing; also included many minor bug fixes and improvements;

Magic Camera Version 6.2.0 [07-26-2009]
Enhanced face tracking and webcam background replacement effects; added support on video capturing card; added support for selecting webcam’s input resolution; improved the compatibility with Flash Media Encoder; improved webcam recorder; fixed some bugs.

Magic Camera Version 6.1.0 [06-21-2009]
Redesigned driver and fix bugs; added multi-language support; added context menu to manage effects; added support on highlighting current effect on video while mouse hovers; option to configure MagicCamera as the system default webcam; many other enhancements.

Magic Camera Version 6.0.0 [06-20-2009]
Redesigned UI; rewrote the webcam recorder and snapshot modules; largely reduced cpu consumption; many minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Magic Camera Version 5.8.0 [04-15-2009]
Added support for painting directly on the webcam video; improved compatibility with 64 bit Windows; some major bugs fixed;

Magic Camera Version 5.5.0 [02-27-2009]
Now Vista 64-bit supported.

Magic Camera Version 5.0.0 [02-06-2009]
Added support for setting play speed; fixed several bugs; improved performance;

Magic Camera Version 4.8.0 [02-01-2009]
Large resolution outputs supported; new algorithm to improve the scaling clarity; multiple virtual webcams supported; added inverting image button for compatibility; added face tracking effects; fixed some bugs;

Magic Camera Version 4.0.0 [10-29-2008]
Made effects area editable; fixed bugs;

Magic Camera Version 3.8.0 [08-02-2008]
Set default output images; developed new drivers; added new effects;

Magic Camera Version 3.6.0 [07-12-2008]
Added lots of new effects; added support for FLV files; added two new transparent modes; updated some skins, texts and mouse icons; added ‘Get More’ button to download online free effects; fixed bugs on color dialog and thumbnail list; fixed bugs on Photo Slide Show function.

Magic Camera Version 3.3.0 [06-20-2008]
Version 3.3.0 added support on play list of video files and fixed several bugs.

Magic Camera Version 3.2.0 [05-21-2008]
Fixed bugs;

Magic Camera Version 3.1.0 [05-13-2008]
Version 3.1.0 added support for changing your video backgrounds on webcam.

Magic Camera Version 3.0.0 [04-06-2008]
Added text, widget and video overlay; new picture in picture function; added on-screen-edit feature; made effects customizable.

Magic Camera Version 2.1.0 [02-05-2008]
Version 2.1.0 can split real webcam to multiple programs, also included some bug fixes.

Magic Camera Version 2.0.6 [10-04-2007]
Version 2.0.6 added photo frame page, dual core optimization and the compatibility with Windows Vista. Also used some new icons and fixed two major bugs.

Magic Camera Version 2.0 [08-18-2007]
Fixed bugs;

Magic Camera Version 1.9.0 [02-07-2007]
Version 1.9.0 included several updates, bug fixes and a redesigned GUI.

Magic Camera Version 1.8.6 [10-15-2006]

Magic Camera Version 1.8.3 [08-09-2006]


Magic Camera Version 1.0.0



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