NOTE: This help is for old version of Magic Camera only. Magic Camera version 7.2 and later can install/remove kernel mode driver on 64bit Windows automatically.

Normally, kernel-mode simulation is NOT needed. In most cases, Magic Camera will choose to use user-mode simulation automatically on 64bit Windows. In such a case, the simulation is transparent to end users. So if you use Magic Camera without any problems on Vista/7 64bit Windows, or if you do not know what is a 'kernel-mode' driver, you do not need to read this article, just go back and use the standard installation pack. Only for some special usage, we supply 64bit kernel mode virtual webcam driver here.


How to install Magic Camera Kernel Mode device driver on Vista/7 64bit Windows?

Magic Camera does support kernel mode simulation of Vista/7 64bit Windows. But due to the restriction of 64 bit Windows, you have to install the driver manually. Please follow the below steps to install Magic Camera on Vista/7 64 Windows:

1) Firstly, install Magic Camera normally.

2) Download the driver '' from:

Then extract the zip file to any directory.

3) Run in command mode using administrator privilege:

bcdedit /set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

Then reboot your PC.

When reboot your PC, press F8 key upon initial system boot up, and then choose to disable forced driver signing enforcement for that boot session. (This step maybe omitted, but if the virtual webcam driver cannot be installed properly at last, you need to do this step.)

4) Run command mode using administrator privilege again, then go to the directory that you extracted files in step2.

5) Run command:

devsetup install mcdevice.inf *smmcdevice

Select 'install driver' on the pop up warning dialog.

6) Now you will find our virtual webcam driver is listed on Vista 64bit or Win7 64bit.

7) Run Magic Camera, select 'menu->tools->manage virtual webcam device', click 'use kernel mode virtual webcam' box.

8) Done.

9) For your reference only, if you want to uninstall the driver later, you can run the command:

devsetup remove *smmcdevice



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