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Step by step configurations on how to use MagicCamera with the most popular webcam software below. (If your application is not listed below, MagicCamera still works with it. Just choose MagicCamera as the video source of that application.)



See below screenshot for configurations on how to configure Magic Camera on Skype.

1. For Skype Version and after:

1) Right click MagicCamera icon and select 'run as Administrator';

2) Click Magic Camera menu -> tools -> manage virtual webcam device (advanced);

3) In the pop up configuration dialog, check 'use kernel mode virtual webcam' button;

use kernel mode virtual webcam in MagicCamera

4) Click 'add kernel mode virtual webcam' button;

If you see pop up warning Windows during the driver installation, please click 'install anyway'.

For 64bit Windows:

For 32bit Windows:

For Windows XP:

5) Click OK and then restart Skype;

6) Now you should see 'Magic Camera Capture' virtual webcam is listed in Skype -> tools -> option -> video setting dialog, Select it as the input webcam of Skype;

select Magic Camera in Skype video settings

7) Done.

Now all the video effects you apply in Magic Camera will also be displayed in Skype video call.


2. For Skype Version before

1) In Skype, click tools menu, select option command. Find video settings page and select MagicCamera Capture(User Mode) as your webcam source.
(Note: If you can not find MagicCamera Capture(User Mode) on Skype video settings, probably your installation of Magic Camera is broken, please try to reinstall Magic Camera.)

2) Start Magic Camera's main program and click the Webcam button, then select your real webcam as Magic Camera's input.

3) Done. Now you are ready to add video effects to Skype with Magic Camera.

config MagicCamera for skype effects  

Windows Live Messenger:

In Live Messenger, click 'tools menu->Audio and Video setup', then follow the wizard and select 'magic camera capture(user mode)' as the default webcam. See screenshot below.

Note: In some version of Windows Live Messenger, you may need to use Magic Camera kernel mode driver to let WLM recognize it. The configurations are similar with Yahoo Messenger's which is described below.

howto configure live messenger webcam step1      Configure Magic Camera on live messenger webcam step2

Yahoo Messenger:

1. for video chat:

Step 1: You have to use kernel mode Magic Camera to let Yahoo Messenger recognize virtual webcam.

set MagicCamera virtual webcam on yahoo messenger step1

Step 2: Also, please set the output resolution of Magic Camera to 640*480. You can do this by clicking Magic Camera Menu -> Tools -> Option.

set MagicCamera virtual webcam on yahoo messenger step2

Step 3: In Yahoo Messenger, click Menu -> Messenger -> Preferences -> Video & Voice, then select Magic Camera Capture as the camera source in the dialog. See the screenshots below for details.

Step 4: Now you can click 'Open Video and Voice Setup' button in the 'Test devices' section to check if Magic Camera displays its content OK or not. In case you do not see videos in Yahoo preview, restart Magic Camera and then click 'retry' button in Yahoo.

set MagicCamera virtual webcam on yahoo messenger step3set MagicCamera virtual webcam on yahoo messenger step4

2. for webcam broadcasting:

If you only want to broadcast your webcam on Yahoo Messenger, you can use the user mode virtual webcam of Magic Camera.

In Yahoo Messenger, on top toolbar > messenger > my webcam - this will launch the warning panel > ok > webcam is launched onto your screen - what you see is how your contact will view you. > File menu > Preferences > Webcam Broadcast > Camera Source. Then select 'Magic Camera Capture(user mode)' as the default webcam. See screenshot below:

howto configure yahoo webcam with Magic Camera


Under 'settings and preferences' dialog, switch to 'webcam setup' panel, and then select 'Magic Camera Capture (user mode)' as the input webcam. See screenshot below:

Configure Magic Camera virtual webcam on paltalk


It is simple to use Magic Camera with ooVoo. In ooVoo setting dialog, click camera panel, choose Magic Camera under the 'select a camera' drop box. See screenshot below: 

Howto configure Magic Camera virtual webcam on ooVoo


Magic Camera works perfectly with ICU2. Let's take ICU2 version 8.2 as an example, please see the below screenshot for configurations. On the 'first run wizard' dialog, you can select 'Magic Camera capture (user mode)' as the input webcam of ICU2.

Note: As you also define the output resolution of Magic Camera in this configure dialog, you need to make sure you select the same resolution in Magic Camera. (By click Magic Camera menu -> option -> configure output resolution)

Configure MagicCamera virtual webcam on ICU2 8.2


See below screenshot for configurations on how to set Magic Camera virtual webcam on QQ.

Howto configure MagicCamera with qq webcam

AOL Instant Messenger - AIM:

Magic Camera virtual webcam can be used with AIM to add video effects on your webcam video and then broadcast it. Due to AIM's limitation, we recommend you to use kernel mode simulation. This is one of the unique features of our Magic Camera.

You can follow the below steps to configure it.

1) Keep AIM in log off state, and then run Magic Camera with Administrator privilege.

2) Click 'Menu->Tools->Manage Virtual Webcam Devices (Advanced)'

3) In the pop up dialog, select 'Use Kernel Mode virtual webcam' and then click 'add kernel mode virtual webcam' button to add one. By default, the first kernel mode virtual webcam is called 'MagicCamera Capture'.

4) Now you can log in to AIM and click 'Menu->Settings'.

5) Configure the Camera box to 'Magic Camera Capture'. See the screenshot below. Click 'Save' button to save the configuration.

6) Done. Now you can start a video conversation and enjoy Magic Camera.

Configure Magic Camera virtual webcam on AIM 

Flash Based websites: (for example,, YouTube,, etc.)

Let's take as an example.

1) Log in to and go to the broadcasting page. Right click the Flash area to select the Setting menu as showing below. 


2) Flash based website can read both user mode and kernel mode virtual webcam. So in its configuration dialog, you can choose the broadcasting Camera to either 'Magic Camera Capture (user mode)' or 'Magic Camera Capture'.

3) Close the configuration dialog and return to the broadcasting window. Then click "start broadcasting now" button on the screen.

4) Now you will see Magic Camera's default image is displayed to indicate that it is connected to BlogTv.


5) Then you need to run Magic Camera's main program. Switch to "Capture Camera" panel and select your real webcam in it.

6) Apply some video effects in Magic Camera. Then you will see your webcam is successfully broadcasted on BlogTv with all the cool effects. 



ChatRoulette blocks a lot of fake webcam software. However, with MagicCamera stealth mode, you can use Magic Camera on ChatRoulette. See below article for details. 

How to use Magic Camera to play video files & add webcam effects on ChatRoulette

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